OldPain2Go is available ONLY after your doctor has diagnosed the problem and either; 1. There is nothing more that can be done but manage the pain. 2.  Your doctor cannot find the reason after exhausting all the test processes and offers pain management.  3.  You have a degenerative condition where it is likely the pain will increase and all that can be done is pain management.



Take the pain away

OldPain2Go is NOT pain management

OldPain2Go is NOT pain management – it is removal of the Old Pain Message that is no longer required and is therefore unnecessary!  It is a revolutionary way of allowing your own healing systems to make better choices for you giving you a better quality of life.

OldPain2Go does not require touch, exercise, or manipulation.  It is a simple process of putting you in contact with the relevant parts of your own brain.  The Practitioner acts as the go between, negotiator, and translator.  Firstly, to understand why the pain message continues, and secondly to bargain with the brain to get it to release you from that old pain program it is running.

OldPain2Go has been developed by Steven Blake over a period of six years whilst working as a therapist on hundreds of people with physical and emotional pain.  He was getting exceptional results, typically in one session.  Analysis of this success led to this methodology which is based on how the brain processes information and runs automated programs.

Whilst we all have different thoughts and feelings stored, we all process those thoughts in predictable ways.  This Methodology of working with the unconscious aspects of the brain respects the client’s thought processes and doesn’t need a trance to work effectively.  It is readily acceptable to you with no fear of external control issues.  OldPain2Go is you, working on you, under the guidance of a practitioner.  Your practitioner will help you discover the possible reasons and then will ask your brain to safely eliminate the pain.

OldPain2Go works on eliminating Old Pain Messages that are no longer appropriate, this includes:

    • Arthritis –
    • Surgical
    • Accident Damage
    • Ongoing Degenerative Disorders
    • Pains in the back, legs, hips, arms, wrists, hands, ankles, feet, neck, shoulders
    • Sciatica
    • Migraines
    • Headaches
    • IBS
    • Crohn’s Disease
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    • Trapped Nerves
    • Scars
    • Phantom limb pain

OldPain2Go may also cover a huge range of emotionally based issues and thought processes, including phobias, anxiety issues, allergies, over reactions, under reactions, etc.

You DON’T need to BELIEVE it will work – You must WANT it to work.  This is a partnership of mutual intent with your practitioner, who really wants the best for you.